Austin Canoe and Kayak Demo Quarry Lake Austin

Houston, Texas

March 27-28, 2010


Team Ocean Kayak’s Vincent Rinando was on hand at the Austin Canoe and Kayak demo at Independence park in Missouri City, a suburb of Houston.  The weather on Saturday was beautiful and the flow of people was steady.  The weather on Sunday was nice as well, although the winds gust from time to time. 

           We setup an Ocean Kayak Torque completely rigged out on the trailer.  It was a nice way to have one on display at all times for customers to inspect and ask questions about.  Generally at the demos, the Torque is placed in the water and rarely sits still during the demo or on the shore for that matter.  Having one there and being able to explain the registration process was a huge help.  Team Ocean Kayak would like to thank Vincent’s Dad for providing his Torque for the display.