Austin Canoe and Kayak Demo

Houston, Texas

September 25-26, 2010




Houston decided to go metropolitan with their Fall demo in the Bayou City. Moving from the usual SugarLand lake demo location. ACK along with Pro Staffer Jeff Herman set up shop at historic Allen's Landing on Buffalo Bayou in downtown Houston. Buffalo Bayou connects directly to Galveston Bay, and Allen's landing was actually the farthest inshore port for Houston in the early 1900's. The demo saw good weather and good crowds combine into lots of Ocean Kayaks and Necky boats being sold.  The Ocean Kayak Pro Staff always enjoy working with ACK crew like Andrew, Jackie, and Nate who exemplify the best customer service in the kayak business.  This was the first event ever held in downtown Houston and it was a great success.  Paddling among the high rise buildings is an awesome experience and drew crowds from die hard paddlers to the downtown passerby.  Houston and has a wonderful park located on the banks.  Houston has a large jogging trail that navigates along the banks of the Buffalo Bayou.  This jogging trail is constantly filled with outdoor enthusiasts and this is a great location for a paddle demo.