Arabia Shrine Benefit Tournament

Tournament Location      :   

Galveston Bay, Texas

Angler Participation        :

Vincent S. Rinando Jr., Captain Filip Spencer, Jeff Herman, Sam Rinando

Date                                        :   

September 15, 2006

Conditions                           :   

Temp 87'  Clear Skies and Windy.

Tournament Results        :

It's important to support all the kayak tournaments to insure that they will continue to grow in interest. When a traditional tournament offers a kayak division, it a good idea to participate in it so that they will have the kayak division next year. The Arabia Shrine is a great organization they provide a great service to humanity. The shrine burn hospital, orthapedic, and others provide life saving and life giving medical service to people who desperately need it...AT NO COST..they don't even have a billing department in any of their hospitals..great people..

Did someone say trout tournament? You know we could not resist.

FISHMAN hooked up

Darn not a trout

FISHMAN hooked up again

Starting to think Fil doesn't know what were after

Don't worry...we know how to catch trout...Here is the winning stringer
5 trout weighed 1oz shy of 13lbs...12lbs 15oz.. We almost tripled the weight of the power boat division.

Here is the newest member of Team Ocean Kayak, Sam with the stringer of trout.

Jeff Herman ended the day with the winning flounder of the flounder pot, for a clean sweep of all division.

Total Results

1st Place Team Stringer
Team Ocean Kayak

1st Place Trout
Capt. Filip Spencer (FISHMAN)

2nd Place Trout
Sam Rinando

3rd Place Redfish
Capt. Filip Spencer

1st Place Flounder
Jeff Herman (Birdsnest)

Harv418 didn't get to participate in this event with us..he was on console for NASA. We missed ya Harv...but Sam filled in nicely in your absence.

Vincent Rinando went deep into the marsh in search of a winning redfish.  He did catch one at 31", an oversized redfish and a couple undersized reds, but fishing for redfish was tough this weekend.. Sam and Filip ended up catching 4 redfish out on the open sand flats, go figure..