Prowler 15 Blue (Sam's Sled)

Side View

Rear view

Front view

Harken swivel pulley slipped under pad eye in rear tankwell.

Quick cleat mounted just behind seat on right.

O ring tied to anchor trolley to connect anchor and stringer.

Anchor attached to anchor trolley.

Harken swivel pulley mounted to a pad eye that was added just to the right of the front hatch.

Scotty 3" flush mount.

Scotty flush mount sealed to prevent water entering the hull.

Scotty rod holder mounted in flush mount.

Scotty light mounted in flush mount.

Scotty light in flush mount.

All Scotty products are modular allowing you a wide range of applications using the same base mount.

Small screw base Scotty flush mount

Scotty flush mount on incline of front deck

Scotty flush mount is sealed with a cap on the bottom to prevent water intrusion into the hull.

Scotty flush mount from inside the hull.

Scotty Paddle leash attached to seat back.

Yak grips. The pads soften the paddle shaft and are great on cold days.

Humminbird Depth finder mounted in Scotty swivel depth finder mount.

Hard baits can be organized in a tackle binder, keeping hooks from tangling.

On tourney day it's a good idea to lineup the lures in the order you plan to use and go through them methodically until you find the one that works.

Tackle packs come in a cordura binder for easy storage.

Scotty rod holders in rear flush mounts.

Rear View.

Cockpit view.

Carlisle paddle

Carlisle paddle in paddle keeper.

Automotive reflective pinstripe. Pinstripe is barely visible during the day, but glows like an LED the entire lenght of the kayak under low light.

Reflective pinstripe