Gibbons Creek Open #2

Tournament Location      :   

Gibbons Creek Reservoir Carlos, Texas

Angler Participation        :

Vincent S. Rinando Jr.

Date                                        :   

March 5, 2006

Conditions                           :   

Temp 70'  Cloudy Skies and Calm.

Tournament Sponsors    :  

HookNLine Maps, Humdinger Lures, American Rodsmith, Cross Timer rods, Lonstar kayaks, Team Ocean Kayak.

Tournament Results        :

Big Bass Award for the tournament and new Texas Kayak Fishing Series record bass, 75.00 and a custom fishing rod.

5th Place Finish, 5th place standing for the year.

Synopsis                               :    

The day started out calm with overcast skies and mild temperatures.  My plan was to fish the shallow water early looking for spawning bass and then to move deeper later in the day.  I was unable to locate any spawning bass or spawning beds to indicate that the bass were shallow so I moved out deeper and started to work the deeper timber with a plastic worm.  This strategy worked and I soon landed my first bass, 18.00" and about 2.4lbs.  From that point on I started having difficulty landing bass.  I went 0-5, loosing the next 5 hookups without landing any fish.  I set the hook on a bass, only to have a 6.0lb bass surface right along side the kayak.  I'm not sure who was more surprised the bass or me but it really scared that fish.  She made two jumps which I survived and ran around behind the kayak and around the rudder to the left side.  As I reached for the net she unhooked and swam free.  I placed fifth in the overall tournament and caught the new Texas kayak fishing series record bass and won the big bass award for the tournament