Gibbons Creek Open #3

Tournament Location      :   

Gibbons Creek Reservoir Carlos, Texas

Angler Participation        :

Vincent S. Rinando Jr.

Date                                        :   

April 15, 2006

Conditions                           :   

Temp 78'  Clear Skies and Windy.

Tournament Sponsors    :  

HookNLine Maps, Humdinger Lures, American Rodsmith, Cross Timer rods, Lonstar kayaks, Team Ocean Kayak.

Tournament Results        :

Vincent Rinando placed first in the overall three bass stringer division with 51 3/4"  as well as the Big Bass Award for the largest bass of the tournament at 17 3/4".

Tournament Series Finish:  3rd place overall.

Synopsis                               :

As with most tournaments this time of year the anglers were greeted with strong southerly winds over 15 mph and rough lake conditions.  Vincent was able to prefish this lake the week prior and scouted some emerging lily pads on the southern shore of the lake.  His game plan was to fish this area using top water frog soft plastic lures over the tops of the lily pads.  This strategy paid off early with a 16 1/2" bass.  After finding not much other activity in this cove, Vincent moved down and setup on another lily pad area and picked up a nice 17 3/4" bass.  With the day winding down and an hour left in the tournament, Vincent stopped by a log occupied by several cotton mouth snakes.  After a quick picture he decided to try a few last casts in the area following the same lily pad pattern.  A few cast later the final 17 1/2" bass was landed giving Vincent first place in the tournament and the largest bass of the tournament.