Project Victory Heroes on the Water Galveston, Texas


Working with Project Victory and Heroes on the Water, Team Ocean Kayak facilitated a coastal trip for injured veterans.   Jeff Herman took the wounded warriors on a fishing trip to Follet's island and enjoyed a day of great weather, great fellowship, and decent fishing.  The soldiers always comment how much they enjoy the opportunity to fish and relax, while we just feel privileged to take them kayak fishing. It is truly our pleasure to again work with Heroes on the Water and enjoy the company of America's finest young men. 


Jeff’s thoughts

And yeah... it was a good day. One of the many highlights was actually off the water. On the way back to H-town I asked Darren if he wanted to grab a Whataburger. He said: " What's a whataburger?"   (I forgot he’s not from our fine state.)  Needless to say, I took the native of Arkansas for his first Whataburger and Fries. He was suitably impressed, albeit he wasn't sure about the jalapenos I ordered on mine.  It was a good way to end a stellar day.