Heroes On the Water - Project Victory: Trip Report. Or...The Galveston Mosquito Battle Royale

Location      :   
Galveston, Texas
Angler Participation        :
Jeff Herman
Date                                        :   
July 10, 2010
Recap        :

Team Ocean Kayak with invaluable help from TooFarAway (Dr Pete McElroy) and Troutracker (Donald with Malibu) took three soldiers out to Galveston on Saturday for a little kayak fishing. Rain over the last week combined with tides really had the water up. The rains also really had the skeeters out! Loading the kayaks on and off the water was guaranteed to cost ya a pint of blood. It was like trying to steal honey from a starving group of africanized bees. In a word; brutal.

The soldiers took it all in stride though and as soon as we were on the water everything was four square. The guys all caught fish, and while it wasn't hot and heavy fishing, the smiles on their faces sure made it obvious that they enjoyed their first kayak fishing trip.

A quick special thanks from HOW and Team Ocean Kayak to TooFarAway, who wasn't too far away to drive in and help get these guys out. Gracias doc. You too TroutTracker! Most of all, a special thanks to all our soldiers and veterans. Your contributions and sacrifices are immeasurable and I am as always humbled to be able and take these guys out for a simple fishing trip.

Jeff Herman