Heroes On the Water - Project Victory: Trip Report. Or...The Galveston Mosquito Battle Royale

Location      :   
Danburry, Texas
Angler Participation        :
Jeff Herman, Vincent Rinando, Rick Spillman
Date                                        :   
September 18, 2010
Recap        :

Team Ocean Kayak’s Vincent Rinando, Jeff Herman, and Rick Spillman had the pleasure of hosting the Heroes on the Water Project Victory event in Galveston.

We had a great time in Galveston. Weather could not have been nicer. The weatherman had called for 60% chance of rain all week long. I think that scared a few people off. We had the pleasure of fishing with one of our fine heroes Mark. We asked him if he had any paddling experience, he had some. You would have thought he had been doing it all his life.

It never amazes me anymore, the fine men and women of our armed forces. Their attitude is awesome, and we spent the entire day laughing, joking, fishing, and relaxing. Mark landed the first keeper redfish of the day. I turned on the video camera, paddled over to him and helped him land the fish in the net. It was a nice 23" redfish.  Paddled around, had a blast. Mark fit right in with the group, I bet if you didn't know any of us you wouldn't be able to tell who has helping who.  Thanks to HOW for the wonderful program and for giving us the opportunity and privilege to participate.