Specktacular Invitational Galveston

Tournament Location      :   

Specktacular Invitational Galveston, Texas

Angler Participation        :

Vincent S. Rinando Jr., Captain Filip Spencer.

Date                                        :   

July 22, 2006

Conditions                           :   

Temp 94'  Calm and Hot

Tournament Results        :

Vincent Rinando and Capt. Filip Spencer placed 6th out of 48 teams and 96 anglers. 

Tournament Synopsis   

This tournament was an invitational tournament which featured the top 72 professional power boat anglers against the top 24 kayak anglers from previous Specktacular and Plugger Open tournament series.  Capt. Filip Spencer and Vincent Rinando found plenty of trout prefishing for this tournament earlier in the week.  We had some technical difficulties which put us on the water and at our spot a little late on tournament day.  Those kind of things will happen.  But Team Ocean Kayak did not let that rattle them, confident that they had done their homework, they toughed it out for a respectable 8.6lb stringer of three trout.  This weight was enough to place them 6th overall, just shy of the money by 1/2lb.  Team Ocean Kayak placed higher than all other kayak contestants and more than 31 of the power boat teams.  This tournament featured a Calcutta event, where contestants bid on which team they feel will win the tournament.  Team Ocean Kayak was purchased for 50.00, 3rd highest amount in the Calcutta.  It was good to see all our friends from the kayak division, and these anglers showed they can compete against the best the power boat division has to offer.