Tournament Location      :   

Kayak Master Tournament #1 Lake Conroe, Tx

Angler Participation        :

Vincent S. Rinando Jr., Captain Filip Spencer, Robert Harvey, Jeff Herman

Date                                        :   

March 25, 2006

Conditions                           :   

Temp 37'  Clear, Cold and Calm.

Tournament Sponsors    :  

Ocean Kayak, American Canoe Club, Gander Mountain, HookNLine,

Tournament Results        :

Vincent Rinando placed 3rd overall in the professional stringer division with a cumulative length of 49".  Team Ocean Kayak placed 1st overall in the team competition and currently in 1st place for the Team of the Year honors.

Synopsis                               :    

The day started out very cold with ice accumulation.  Steam rising off the lake made visibility an issue early but it soon died off.  The change in weather conditions forced most anglers to rethink their game plan.  Team Ocean Kayak launched from Stowaway Marina at  6am with the plan to hit the deeper timber early in the morning and move to the shallower water later in the day.  Vincent Rinando was the first to score with a 16" bass caught in 2 foot of water.  Realizing that maybe the bass would work shallow regardless of the temperature, Vincent decided to move to a location scouted earlier in the week that was holding bass in shallow grassy waters.  This move paid off as soon as Vincent launched at his new site, he began catching bass with regularity.  Captain Filip Spencer opted to stand in his kayak and sight fish for bass in shallow grass beds.  Captain Filip scored three 16" bass with this approach, unfortunately his 48" stringer fell 1" short of placing in the money.  Robert Harvey and Jeff Herman went looking for bigger bass in deeper water and found a few, but with the cold temperatures and a post spawn condition, the big girls just didn't want to bite.