Ocean Kayak Dealer Conference Atlanta, Georgia

Tournament Location      :   
Atlanta, Georgia
Angler Participation        :
 Jeff Herman
Date                                        :   
July 25-27, 2008
Conditions                           :   
Temp 90' 
Results        :

Team Ocean Kayak’s Jeff Herman was a guest at this year’s Ocean Kayak dealer conference held in Atlanta, Georgia.  This is a yearly event that gathers together all the Ocean Kayak dealers throughout the country and introduces them to the new products Ocean Kayak has to offer.  This year Ocean Kayak introduces the new Trident lineup of kayaks.  The Trident 11 and Trident 13 are new for 2009.  Both of these kayaks are sure to be a big hit with the kayaking community.  Ocean Kayak is also introducing some new colors to their existing kayaks with colors such as fuchsia, indigo, and camo.  This was a great opportunity for Team Ocean Kayak to mingle with Johnson Outdoors executives and meet many of the Ocean Kayak dealers throughout the country and speak with them about what has been successful with our pro staff program.  Team Ocean Kayak's Jeff Herman gave a presentation at the conference about Team Ocean Kayak, our tournament success and the promotional events that we attend.  Jeff spoke about the approach that Team Ocean Kayak takes in it's promotion and our participation at various functions.


Ocean Kayak Dealer of the Year Canoesport Houston
Kayaks setup on the banks of Stone Mountain                                                    Johnson Outdoors Staff
Saying goodbye to Sara