Ocean Kayak Paddle Safety Class

June 11, 2006

Galveston Texas




    On June 11th, Ocean Kayaks Pro Staff and Artist Boat hosted an ACA Certified class on paddle technique and safety for Texas Kayak Fisherman.


    We had a great turnout and imparted over 20 paddlers with knowledge on proper paddling and safety. The class was funded by a Prowler 13 purchased from Dunkin Lewis via Ocean Kayaks. The Pro Staff then donated the purchased kayak to Artist Boat as a fee for their ACA Instructors. Artist Boat run by Karla Klay is a nonprofit entity that took over 1000 middle school children kayaking in 2005 promoting coastal conservation and environmental education. Artist Boat currently uses an antique fleet of Old Town Puffins to host their classes and functions. We feel the Prowler will serve as a great update to their fleet, as well as  a great way to expose the Ocean name to youngsters and their respective teachers.  We hope to host this class 2 or 3 times a year. The positive comments and the good will generated towards Ocean Kayaks were substantial. Most importantly, we have twenty paddlers who will be safer on the water, and who all thank OK and the Pro Staff for that knowledge.


OK Paddle Class Students gather for preinstruction on deep water reentry:


Classroom instruction at The TAMU Sail Team facility and some gear giveaways: