Event :                REI Kayak Demo Days
Date :                 April 12, 2008  8am - 3pm
Location:            Memorial Park Sugarland, Texas
Pro Staff:            Vincent Rinando and Sam Rinando
Vendor:              REI Houston
Conditions:         Warm, Clear Skies and Windy
Attendance:        Strong Attendance
Synopsis:            This was a great event.  Although it was a bit windy, the crowds started showing up right at 10am and it stayed pretty
                           busy the entire day long.  The serious buyers showed up early and knew exactly which kayaks they wanted to demo.
                           Later in the day, large groups of families joined the demo.  There were plenty of future kayakers getting their first taste
                           of this great sport.  Team Ocean Kayak was on hand to lend advice when asked, and provided paddling instructions while
                           helping the customers in and out of the kayaks.  Under the windy conditions the Ocean Kayak Trident 15 was the big star.