TKF Fishing Weekend Shamrock Cove Port Aransas

Location      :   
Port Aransas, Texas
Angler Participation        :
Captain Filip Spencer
Date                                        :   
August 15-16, 2009
Conditions                           :   
Temp 90'  Warm and Sunny
Results        :

Some of the greatest thing in life are helping others and sharing stories about fishing and life experiences. This is one of those stories.  We decided to put out an invitation on the (TKF) Texas kayak fisherman web site inviting anyone and everyone who would like to come down for the weekend to fish and meet some new people. Maybe, even learn some new fishing spots as well as techniques and just have a good time. I was fortunate enough to help lead the group of twenty eight individuals from (TKF) on a trip to Yarborough pass. Most of the Individuals came in from all over the state of Texas. Like Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock and some of the other surrounding areas closer to home.

Our game plan was to meet up at JerryB's shop on Friday afternoon.  There were going to be two different groups heading down.  The first group would be leaving at 4:00 pm and the second group would be leaving at 6:00 pm.  Those individuals that did not have a four wheel drive truck were able to leave their vehicle at the shop.(Thank's Jerry and Debi)

 Being in the first group we made our way to Yarborough but, as we arrived one of the individuals who was meeting us  down there tried to go up through the pass and got stuck at the very top. luckily, there was another truck at the top who helped pull him through before we got there. Plus, You have to keep in mind that he was not pulling a trailer and did not have a full truckload.  Well, as we arrived he began to tell us the story.  With several of the vehicles towing trailers we knew that we were not going to be able to make it through the pass. So, we came up with a plan-B. Then we called the others to let them know about the situation and tell them about the plan-B we came up with.

 We've decided to meet up with the second group on the island.  Plan-B was to go to a spot I new of on the north side of Shamrock. About seven pm we made are way to are camping/fishing spot for the night.

  It was great to get to see a group of individuals that  we just barely met help one another unload kayaks and get things set up. Well as we set up camp and got ready to cook some steak, sausage, and fajitas for our dinner. It was a really good dinner, let me tell you we had enough food to feed a small army (which we had). As the food was cooking we pulled our chairs together and started talking about fishing. I decided to talk about my fishing trip earlier that day. I did a nine mile paddle pulling a young child around but, It didn't feel like It. His excitement and enthusiasm about catching fish kept me going all day long.

We also had a little fishing tournament that we all chipped in five dollars each and George and I were going to be the judges. It was a winner take all for the longest trout and red fish.(Congrats to winner Paul M)

 Well as we sat and talked the night a-way most of the questions were directed towards me. I could have scene that coming.  One of the thing that I  enjoy is helping others with their fishing and kayaking needs. Some of the individual in the group got a couple of hours of sleep but, the majority of us stayed up all night sharing stories and talking about fishing. Well about 3:30 am I decided to go ahead and get my stuff ready to go.

 I got on the water about 4:00 am starting paddling south I could see lots of lights on the water.  Well, it didn't take long before the first fish was on.  With 28 individuals on the water you think we would have been in each others way but, that  was not the case. 

  I caught lot's of trout from 15 to 24in and 7 red from 20 to 23in. When I came in from fishing I was out of it and needed some sleep....I got home about 2:00 pm and hit the bed. "I was out cold"... I think everyone caught fish that day. But, the best part of the adventure was meeting new people and sharing some wonderful stories.

I had a great time and It was great to talk and meet everyone. Thanks to everyone who helped put on this great event you know who you are. "Steve a big Thanks to you and your company for all the free stuff you gave out to everyone. We hopefully will be putting together another event in November if thing go right. 


Capt. Fil Spencer.