Tournament Location      :   

Specktacular Tournament #3 Galveston , Texas

Angler Participation        :

Vincent S. Rinando Jr., Captain Filip Spencer

Date                                        :   

October 14, 2006

Conditions                           :   

Temp 80'  Cloudy Skies and Windy.

Tournament Sponsors    :  

Academy, Sand Dollar Autoplex, Malibu Kayaks, Costal Kayak, Wilderness, Adventure Technology.

Tournament Results        :

6th place redfish stringer.

Tournament Recap        :

Tournament day again and another windy day.  A cold front hit the Texas coast the day before the tournament, bringing with it heavy winds, rain and cooler temperatures.  Fishing was tough as high winds raised tide levels and pushed the redfish deep into the grass.  Vincent Rinando and Captain Filip Spencer were able to locate one nice 26.5" redfish, but was unable to get their second.  The redfish that was caught was one of the largest of the tournament series, weighing in at 6lbs 6oz.