Stars and Stripes Trinity Bay

Tournament Location      :   

Trinity Bay, Texas

Angler Participation        :

Vincent S. Rinando Jr., Jeff Herman, Robert Harvey

Date                                        :   

May 20, 2006

Conditions                           :   

Temp 85' Sunny and Windy as usual

Synopsis                           :   

With the winds blowing over 15mph for the last few days the water clarity was horrible.  Jeff and Vincent decided to fish Morgan point and Smith point staying as close to the weigh in as possible to maximize their time on the water.  Robert Harvey choose to fish Rollover pass in hopes that better water might appear from the Gulf and bring with it trout.  Vincent and Jeff finished the tournament with two undersized redfish 19.5" and 19" and two flounder around 15",  just short of a winning stringer.  Robert on the other hand returned with an impressive stringer of trout for the conditions and easily won second place in the tournament.

Results                           :   

Robert Harvey finished second place in the overall slam division.