Stars and Stripes West Galveston Bay

Tournament Location      :   

West Galveston Bay, Texas

Angler Participation        :

Robert Harvey and Tim Lures

Date                                        :   

August 26, 2006

Conditions                           :   

Temp 89' Windy and Heavy Rain

Synopsis                           :   

Over 95 anglers competed in windy, rainy conditions with only one team completing the 3 fish slam stringer.

Results                           :   

August 25, 2006 Team Ocean Kayak’s Robert Harvey and partner Tim Lures represented Team Ocean Kayak in the Stars and Stripes West Bay tournament.  The tournament had over 95 kayak anglers participating in adverse weather.  Rain and Wind plagued tournament day, making fishing difficult for all involved.

Robert and Tim positioned themselves within a protected marsh cove during the heavy rains and wind and located many trout during the tournament unfortunately the larger fish were scare in the rainy conditions.

Robert  switched to the fly rod in hopes of getting a larger redfish, but only managed fish under the slot limit.

This tournament boasted a first in kayak tournaments, live fish weigh in and release.  Four anglers were able to weigh their redfish in at the scales, and then return the fish unharmed to the Gulf afterwards.  This is a great step creating the excitement of a weigh in  with the conservation of a live release.  Let’s hope this continues.

Anglers spread out into West Galveston Bay under rainy and windy conditions  then returned later to the beach for the weigh in and get together.  Only one of the teams finished the day with a complete slam stringer, further proof of the difficult fishing conditions