Texas A&M Corpus Christi Kayak Fishing Class

March 28, 2009


           Team Ocean Kayak’s Captain Filip Spencer and Vincent Rinando were asked to teach a class on saltwater fishing and tactics at the Texas A&M University campus in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The two hour class was held outside at the swimming pool, which gave Filip and Vincent the opportunity to demonstrate how to use the many variety of lures and terminal tackle available.

Also on hand were the recreational activities director and wildlife and fisheries director for the university to better learn how to put on a class of their own.  The recreational director was also very interested in information about American Canoe Association certifications and kayaking as an activity in general.

We then took everyone inside to view some of the videos that we have produced with our PENTAX cameras over the years to demonstrate many of the techniques we talked about.  It was funny to see the reaction on some of their faces at our ability to get within inches of redfish in our kayaks.

It was a beautiful day and as soon as we finished prefishing for the Texas Kayak Series tournament we headed over to the pool.  It was a busy weekend, but one of the team’s favorite activities is teaching others and trying to rub off some of the passion we have for our sport onto others.