Texas Redfish Series Tournament

Tournament Location      :   
Port Aransas, Texas
Angler Participation        :
Vincent S. Rinando Jr., Captain Filip Spencer,  Jeff Herman, Sam Rinando, Clint Barghi, Cameron Barghi
Date                                        :   
March 29, 2009
Conditions                           :   
Temp 70'  Moderate Winds Increasing in the afternoon over 15mph
Tournament Results        :

Team Ocean Kayak competed in the first leg of the Texas Kayak Series tournament held in Port Aransas, Texas.  This was a nice sized tournament with 95 anglers competing.  A strong cold front blew into south Texas on Friday night and took with it most of the water in the back lakes and marshes.  Team Ocean Kayak split up into three separate two man teams for this competition and spread out.

Captain Filip Spencer placed 8th and Sam Rinando placed 10th in the individual event.  Captain Filip Spencer and Vincent Rinando placed 5th as a team, and Sam Rinando and Jeff Herman were also in the top 10.  This series is a four venue event and itís important to weigh in two live fish at every event.  Team Ocean Kayak was able to weigh in two live redfish for each of itís two man teams.

Team Ocean Kayak is the defending Team of the Year and Angler of the Year for this series and we look to repeat again in 2009.