Team Ocean Kayak helped out with this yearís TG Canoe and Kayak paddle demo held on the San Marcos River.  San Marcos is home to Texas State University and this event is held in City Park and attracts students and tourists alike.  City Park is also home to the Texas whitewater championships and has a whitewater slalom course.  This year Sam Rinando and Cameron Barghi took the drive over to San Marcos, and were rewarded with beautiful weather and stellar crowds.  The people of this community fully embrace their water sports and itís an integral part of their weekend activities.  Team Ocean Kayak members Vincent and Sam Rinando both attended Texas State University and Clint and Cameron Barghi are from the San Antonio area so we are very familiar with area.  Most of the local residents have some experience either in a canoe or a kayak along the San Marcos, Blanco, and Guadalupe rivers and are knowledgeable of the sport