TG Canoe and Kayak Springfest San Marcos River San Marcos, Texas

Tournament Location      :   
Rio Park San Marcos, Texas
Angler Participation        :
Jeff Herman
Date                                        :   
April 17-18, 2010
Conditions                           :   
Temp 74'  Sunny
Tournament Results  
Team Ocean Kayak's Jeff Herman participated in one of our favorite events.  Springfest on the campus of Texas State
University.  Unfortunately this year's event fell on tournament weekend and Jeff was kind enough to cover the
event and have an alternate fish in his place.  The event was a success, great weather and the start of spring brought
out the college students to the river.  Generally we get lots of pictures for this event, I'm sure Jeff has plenty...but on
tournament day these are the ones he choose to send us to let us know what we were missing.  Good job Jeff you really
know how to pick a guy's spirit up.  The San Marcos river is home to the Texas Whitewater championships and is a spring
fed river that maintains a 72 degree temperature year round.