Wind and Wave Paddle Demo Corpus Christi, Texas

April 11, 2009

Frank Floyd owner of Wind and Wave promoted this event with ads in two magazines, including The Saltwater Angler and The Islander. He also advertised on TKF website. It should be noted that Wind and Wave is an Exclusive Ocean Kayak dealer. He does not carry any other brands of kayaks in his store.  Wind and Waveís Demo event began with a Friday 7pm seminar by Captain Fil Spencer, Pro Staff.  There were over 20 attendees who hung on Filís every word about kayak rigging, kayak safety, kayak fishing.  He had a wealth of information to share and there were a lot of questions during and after this presentation. Captain Fil also covered Carlisle Paddles and Extrasport PFDís.

After the Seminar, several attendees stayed to look at and ask questions about the kayaks that Capt. Fil had talked about. Sales staff from Wind and Wave, Capt. Fil, and myself stayed around till 9 pm to help the customers.

The next morning, the weather didnít cooperate and the winds were blowing at 25-35 mph with occasional rain and drizzle. Temps held in the high 60ís and low 70ís, so a steady stream of people braved the elements and tried out a number of boats during the Demo.

Frank supported the Demo fully by signing the entire store with the Bonus Days promotion. Pictures attached.  While attendance was down from the lousy weather and the timing (Easter Saturday) there were 6 boats sold and several solid possibilities for future Sales.  Frank has another demo scheduled for early June. You can bet the turnout and the sales will be much better.